Saturday, November 13, 2010

my mentoring

Many of you know that I became a patient advocate for Biogen Idec
 and the drug Tysabri for many years.
I began my journey as a speaker in the program and last June I switched
to the mentoring program. With running a business it just seemed to fit my
life better but I am really enjoying it more.
I get to really connect with people. I really only share my experience with
Tysabri but it makes me feel so good to be able to help others.

I was told I could go back to the speaking side anytime I want but
I think I am pretty comfortable on the other side. This week I have gotten
4 new mentees. Two a day apart with almost identical names. That
was a challenge to keep their situations straight but I managed.

The other day I got an update from one mentee and a thank you.
Don't get that everyday and that is what makes this program a win win for
both sides.

Thanks for the opportunity BI. I will do my best to make you proud.

Have a great day everybody


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