Saturday, April 24, 2010

good morning sunshine

Good morning sunshine or should I say rainy, somewhat cold and dark morning.

Tomorrow is the MS Walk and like last year I have a feeling the weather is going to suck.

Last year it was so cooooold and rainy. This year I am hoping maybe, just maybe the sun will make an appearance. Although we have alot of MS Walk sweatshirts to sell. LOL

We are packed andready to go. Combining 10 tubs of merchandise into 7 tubs. The tubs are jam packed. Mark's trip to Europe got cancelled ( something about a volcano, haha) so he will be able to help me.

His birthday is today but we chose to celebrate last night by going out to dinner.
I bought a cheesecake that was delivered yesterday and I parked it in the freezer. It is from Junior's cheesecake and we both wanted to try it so I thought this was a perfect occasion.
Juniors, you might try actually slicing it like other companies do. It makes it a whole lot more user friendly. For that reason alone, regardless of taste, I will never purchase one again. :-(

I'm glad I never sent one to my mother in law ( who I send cheesecakes to all the time) because she would NEVER have been able to slice it.

We had a nice dinner. We live in a small town where almost everything is fried and unhealthy.
Look around we could be an advertisment for The Biggest Loser. Our only upscale restuarant got run out of town. Long story. But this place we went to last night was a mexican restaurant that reminds us both of California. The cook is actually from the same part of California I grew up in. Incredible authentic mexican food.

After dinner we had cheesecake. I started to feel like this cold was coming back so I took nyquil and went to bed.

I am excited about the MS Walk tomorrow. It is always inspiring. Nobody from old my old support group will be there. Not volunteering, not raising money, not walking. And people wonder I left the group. They will have their hands extended the next time freebies are given out though while the rest of us are trying to cure this disease.

Have a great day everybody. Make a difference ! Change the world ! Find a cure !!!!


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