Friday, April 2, 2010

a fun day with hubby

Mark & I set off this morning for Milwaukee. Its about an hour and fifteen minutes each way.

Although I still wasn't feeling one hundred percent ( this cold is lingering) we decided
top head out there anyway.

Our first stop was West Marine so Mark could pick up a few things for the boat.
He's like a kid in a candy store when he goes to a boat shop so I am glad I went with him. haha !

Our next stop was Whole Foods. OMG I haven't been to a whole foods since we lived in Chicago ( a long time ago)
And although as I stated earlier I wasn't feeling all that great I was determined to check out all their food.
We did some research beforehand so we knew theuy had a sushi bar. Yippee yippee real sushi.
And wow what a spread of already made stuff ( they were really cranking it out and people were buying it up the minute it hit the shelf)
We enjoyed and I do mean enjoyed the sushi. In some cases it was so beautiful I didn't want to eat it. They even made it with brown rice. Yummy !!!

We shopped the store. The fresh fish, the meat selection, the veggies.

We brought a cooler filled with ice for the return trip so thingsdidn't spoil. It was over 80 degrees today.

When we got home ( despite our stop on the way home for coffee) I was exhausted.

I headed for the office and filled my orders. Mark made dinner ( fish we purchased at Whole Foods) and I am ready for an relaxing night of doing nothing.

Hope everybody is having a great day. Its suppose to rain tonight and drop about 25 degrees.


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