Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so relaxed

In case you didn't notice I've been gone for a while.

Mark & I went on vacation. It was so relaxing and quite nice to see the sun again.

I even came home with a little tan.

We went on a somewhat spur of the moment cruise. We had planned on doing something in April for Marks birthday but an opportunity presented itself the end of January so we booked a cruise for the third week of February.

It was a firedrill to pull everything together but we did pull it off and had a fabulous time.

Although for a while we thought we were stuck in Chicago. A lot of people working together ( two airlines even) and we landed in Ft. Lauderdale with a short time to spare.

Didn't get a chance to meet up with my cousin like we had planned. So I was bummed for a while. We have seen each other in years, 10-15 or so.

The cruise was a bit rocky, even for us boaters. We attempted to go into Grand Cayman Island but the port authority closed the port because of the safety of using tenders to get us ashore.

We visited Key West, FL, Roatan Honduras and Cozumel. We even visited two Margharitaville's in one week. Too funny. I have pics to prove it because after a 20oz margharita things start to get blurry. I left the one in cozumel wearing a paper pirate hat.

It was nice to get away for a while. Our room was great. We got an upgrade to a larger room with a balcony. I'll never be able to stay in a small room again after being so spoiled.

Have a great day everybody.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy:

Spur of the moment trips are the BEST - and when it is a cruise - all the better.

My girlfriend and I went on a cruise last April without hubbies...we booked it last week of March on a
"last call" website and we cruised on April 14 for 5 days -- cheap trip too -- couldn't pass it up -- Airfare and cruise came to $595 with upgrade to oceanview.

We had a blast. Key West and Nassau. Cozumel was closed off due to swine flu. I'd been there before but my girlfriend had not and we really were disappointed.

With Mark being away so much, I'm glad you both had quality time together. Love vacationing, and love cruising!

We are going to Bermuda May 23 for 8 days 7 nights with hubbies and I cannot wait. I need to get away badly!!

Balcony upgrade???!!! How lucky you are!!

Glad you had a great time. Love the pictures.