Monday, January 18, 2010

post birthday

My birthday was nice. Thanks everybody for the emails and posts.

Friday we went out to dinner. A real casual mexican place that reminds me of California. The food is sooo good.
Chile Relleno's and margarita's. Ole !

Saturday night I get a phone call during dinner so we let it go to the voice mail. It was my "mother".
Wow so it's been a year since she has called me. I saw the number on caller ID and needless to say I didn't even want to hear her voice to retireve the message.

It seems my dad got sick on Monday and she is just getting around to letting me know. WTF?

She never asked how I was doing. or how my birthday was. She just rambled on about how she saved my dad's life. A total exageration or lie would be more accurate.
He is okay. Just a case of her needing attention and surprise surprise it had to be around my birthday. Sorry"mother" I have seen more stunts from you in my life it is easy to see you are making the whole thing up.

I am shocked I let her get to me but I have since seen the light.
DNA does not make you family.
It's nice I get a phone call when they need something. Not my cup of tea. Keep your calls to yourself. I have another family.

Have a nice day everybody !

Cathy com

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