Monday, October 7, 2013

Go Pack Go

Spent Sunday at the Packer game at beautiful Lambeau Field..

Went with a friend from Illinois ( a Bears fan- yikes) and we decided the
weekend in Green Bay.

I hope he enjoyed himself. Lambeau Field is an awesome stadium.

Wisconsin people are the best. It was raining and getting in  his vehicle was a problem (SUV with no running boards) and although Im almost 6 ft we both knew my MS was going to be a problem.

Thanks Kat ( also for taking care of my kiddos), to the 2 ladies at the hotel ( who were obviously in the healthcare profess ion ) and to the army soldier and his wife who lifted me into the truck

This is  why I chose to stay in Wisconsin

Since I have season tickets  to the Packers this scenario will happen again.

I gave some tickets away and donated some..

Have a great day everybody !



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