Monday, May 6, 2013


Sunday we did the last of 3 MS Walks in Wisconsin

This one was at Summerfest in Milwaukee

It was outside and the weather was great. I even got a little pink.

They changed the format so we lost out on the after walk sales but all in all we did well.

I,on the other hand, am beyond exhausted. I planned to get up early and enter orders but overslept. A sign my MS body was tired. I am so in need of a massage. Any volunteers?

Bank deposit is done and inventory is done...Now entering orders and getting organized.

I love doing the walks but they wear me out.

Going to dinner with a friend tomorrow and looking forward to it. Time for a social life

Have a great day everybody


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Geoffrey Hale said...

"I am so in need of a massage. Any volunteers?" - I just bought a "shiatsu massager" (by Conair) and highly recommend it - $20 at ebay.