Friday, September 14, 2012

a Touch of class

Last night we went to the Packers game...

We had a great time despite the dropping temps..Brrr...

I just had to share one of the classiest events I have ever witnessed.

Prior to the game Ted Thompson, the Packers General Manager walked thru the stands
shaking the hands of fans, even the Bears fans and posing for pics.

He did this from the top level all the way down to field level.

Witnessing this was amazing. I'm not sure, well, I rather doubt it, that many other GM'sdo such a thing.
They say the Packers franchise and the more I get to know them I really believe they are
They are owned by the fans. And they treat the fans so special. This event prved that to me that its not all about the money and the profit.

Attn: NFL Team can learn alot from this man, the classy Ted Thompson.

Go Pack !

Have a great day everybody


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