Friday, July 13, 2012

struggling with my MS

I have been missing for awhile dealing with the struggles of my MS.

It really irks me when people post on facebook or wherever " I have MS but it doesnt
have me". Really? Really?

Who the F are you kidding? Everytime I get control of my symptoms something
else pops up. And of course as we all lead stressfree lives that only adds to
the problems.

In the past few weeks comments have been made " I dont try hard enough" and I got
a threat from a (former) family member in writing and email. Duh ! Did you really
think I wasnt going to call the police?

Anyway, my health is deterriating. Been having alot of tests that had bad reactions.
Nobody is quite sure what is going on.

I called my parents ( who could give a rats ass how I am) and wanted to fill them in on
my health. My mother thinks I live in Chicago and that I have muscular dysrophy.

Hmmm..and people wonder why Im stressed. ??????

Have a great day everybody ! Happy Friday the 13th


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