Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh United Airlines

OMG United Airlines !!

You tracked me down at Denver International Airport and forced me to file a claim.

Within hours you made me "an offer" to make this situation go away.

I countered. With a very respectable offer I might add. An offer
that would have cost you NOTHING financially. And although I was the one injured and humiliated
I asked you to honor my husband's commitment to your airline and take care of him.

Please do the right thing and contact my husband ( a current 1K member) and myself.

If the media knows what happened it would be a shame. A UTbue Video recreation of
the event would be even more shameful.

United Airlines, Denver International Airport please make this sutation right.

You forced me to file a claim while I was injured, humiliated and in tears.

United Airlines- Do the right thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cathy said...

Just to be clear. I have NEVER once asked for monetary compensation for this incident. I didn't ask to file a claim. United airlines employee Bonnie ran after us at the airport to file a claim therefore admitting guilt.

Cathy said...

My counteroffer to United airlines was simple. Because Mark had travel cancelled due to iceland volcano he was short a few thousand miles to maintain his status as a 1k (which seems to mean nothing to United airlines). I asked them to compensate him instead of me.

Cathy said...

I started my vacation with a bruised neck, a banged up knee and damage to my personal wheelchair. None of which I asked to reimbursed for. I was humiliated by the superviser. And now after an admission of guilt (need I remind you in writing) United airlines has chosen to renig on their offer (also is writing)